It wasn't by accident that local developers and builders, Paul McElwee and Mike Yeates teamed up to undertake the Villas at Searcy Creek.  After careful review of what the market in Kansas City lacked, they quickly saw the value in developing a high quality villa product in an extremely exclusive area next to one of Kansas City's most beautiful landmarks!

Paul and Mike share a very similar career path.  Paul's path started over 30 years ago developing and building in communities throughout the Northland.  Mike started his career in development and construction nearly 15 years ago working throughout the Kansas City Metro in high growth areas.  Their combined experience includes thousands of homes of all types including traditional single family, villas, town homes, apartments, and so forth. 

Landon Phillips joined Mike & Paul as a partner in the home building process. Landon’s history extends from years of working in the field and managing his own business. Adding Landon to the team was an easy choice as his dedication to detail, communication, and timeliness know no bounds!

Rest assure that not only will your home be built to high standards, but also the experience will be nothing short of fantastic!  We are extremely excited for all the future residents of Searcy Creek to have this unique and incredible opportunity to live in an exclusive community! 


The Real Estate Store is the exclusive brokerage for both the Meadows and Villas of Searcy Creek!  Owned and operated by Andy Mackey and Mike Yeates, The Real Estate Store has made a splash in the Northland as an up and coming real estate brokerage focused on selling homes fast!  Not only will Andy and Mike help you buy your new home in Searcy Creek, but they will also sell your current home.  With their team of qualified and experienced agents, rest assure you are in good hands!

As a part of the development and building team, The Real Estate Store is ready and able to help you make your move to Searcy Creek the best move of your life!